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About Us
Delaware Institute of Health Sciences, a division of Majestique Ventures & Health Care Services, Inc. was created in 2005 to focus primarily on providing opportunities for qualified, multicultural and diversely ethnic students to pursue quality post-secondary educational programs, leading to dynamic nursing careers.

It is the Mission of Delaware Institute of Health Sciences to provide education with emphasis on learning, community, responsibility, integrity, value, and quality nursing practice.

While promoting high inspiration and achievement in a supportive, humane environment with a spirit of cooperation, openness, and mutual respect to prepare student nurses to provide high quality health
care and to provide high levels of opportunity for student learning and achievement.
A Letter from Our Program Director

Dear Student Practical Nurse:

On behalf of the Practical Nursing faculty, staff and administrators, welcome to the Practical Nursing Program at New Delaware Institute of Health Sciences.

Many opportunities are about to begin for you. We anticipate that you have made a serious commitment to study, learn, and gain knowledge in the coming year. We respect the sacrifices and changes you have and will make to graduate from this nursing program. Each of you have has been carefully selected and admitted to this class. We believe you are capable and ready to reach toward your goal of becoming a caring nursing professional. We are here to assist you in reaching your goal and dreams.

The Delaware Institute of Health Sciences is dedicated to providing quality programs, services, and activities designed to help you face new and exciting challenges. We anticipate that successful academic achievement, growth, and personal enrichment will mark your experience. Good luck in your studies! Study hard and your dreams will be realized.

Thank you for choosing the Delaware Institute of Health Sciences and the Practical Nursing Program to begin your professional career.


PN Program Director

Education with emphasis on learning, community, responsibility, integrity, value, and quality nursing practice.
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  DIHS Board of Trustees
  Dr. Olusola Dada
  Sharon Howard RN, MSN, FNP
  Vice Charman
  Rosemary Leager RN, MSN
  Dr. Saheed Rufai BS, MA, PhD
  Ex-Officio Member
  Maggie Sola-Rufai BS
  Ex-Officio Member
Accreditation:  Delaware Institute of Health Sciences is approved by the Delaware Department of Education & the Delaware Board of Nursing.
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