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   Falsification of   Information   
Falsification of any part of the application for admission or records is reason for dismissal. The Board of Nursing may choose not to grant eligibility for Practical Nursing licensure based on individual's criminal background. A record of some drug misdemeanor and/or felony convictions may interfere with application process.

It is the department policy that students should address questions about eligibility for licensure directly to the Board of Nursing at (302) 744-4500. Signing an affidavit related to background history or background check documentation does NOT guarantee eligibility for licensure in Delaware or some other states. As Licensing Regulations may vary in other states, student should contact the respective Board of Nursing for current guidelines.


Admissions Procedures
& Policy
Admission procedures for the school involve the enrollment application, pre-entrance exam results and interview with school representatives. Admission requirements vary with each program and are listed in the individual program sections.

A standardized pre-entrance exam is used in the application process. The NET is used for the Certified Practical Nursing Program to determine readiness to learn, and 60 percentile is the expected score for candidates entering the program.

Applicants should visit the school and discuss with an admissions representative the school's purpose and programs, the applicant's career goals and motivation, as well as the opportunities in their chosen field of study. The applicant will also have an opportunity to tour the facility. The school encourages parent(s) or spouse(s) to attend the interview, tour the facility and ask specific questions relating to the school and/or programs.


Each student who enters Delaware Institute of Health Sciences does so with the understanding that during the first week of classes he/she is under consideration. This time period allows the institution the opportunity to assess the student's ability and commitment to diligently pursue the chosen program of study and the potential for successful completion. Should a termination occur during this provisional period, the student will be held responsible for all incurred expenses. All attendance and academic activities experienced during this initial period will be applicable to meeting the program of study and policy requirements described in this catalog.

Cancellation: Delaware Institute of Health Sciences reserves the right to cancel/postpone any class prior to the scheduled start date for which there is deficient registration: the content of the course will be taken into consideration.

Admission Procedures and Requirements

Step 1: Candidates must complete a Delaware Institute of Health Sciences enrollment application form along with a non-refundable registration and pre-test fees. (Money order or certified check payable to Delaware Institute of Health Sciences). Applicants must achieve a satisfactory score on the aptitude test to be considered for admission. The pre-entrance examination is provided and scored by Educational Resources Incorporated. It is incorporated in only for grading. Information regarding the examination is enclosed in the Appendix section of this catalog.

Step 2: Proof of educational background: An official high school transcript of completion or a GED certificate is required to be considered for acceptance into the program. Official transcripts must be mailed directly to Delaware Institute of Health Sciences from the high school. The transcript should bear the school's seal and an authorized signature. International students' transcripts must be translated into English prior to submission to Delaware Institute of Health Sciences. If international transcripts cannot be furnished by the due date, students should be prepared to sit for the GED.

Step 3:  Additional Information Needed: Complete the General application forms and Health Requirements. These documents must be submitted to Delaware Institute of Health Sciences with documentation of current immunizations.

Step 4:  Entrance Interview: As part of the application process, an applicant will be interviewed by a committee of staff members. Applicants will be notified of the decision via mail.

Step 5: Financial Counseling and Payment Agreement: It is mandatory that all applicants meet with the Program Coordinator/Advisor to sign the financial agreement and set up a payment plan.

Step 6: Orientation: Delaware Institute of Health Sciences staff will conduct a mandatory orientation meeting two weeks before the start date of class. During the orientation process Delaware Institute of Health Sciences faculty will hand out the student catalog and review the contents regarding the attendance policy, class schedule, financial obligation, liability insurance, dress code, lunch break, parking, conduct and behavior.

Admission Requirements

  1. Completion of PN Program Application form.
  2. High School diploma or GED Certificate.
  3. Completion of Health History and Exam form.
  4. Criminal background (finger print) history check.
  5. Child abuse registry check.
  6. Adult abuse registry check.
  7. Pre-admission testing with a minimum of 60 percentile score on NET preadmission test.
  8. CPR certification from the American Heart Association as a Health Care Provider.
  9. Social Security card Or US citizen or VISA.
  10. Documentation of Drug Screening at designated test site within the last 30 days prior to admission and compliance to drug policy while enrolled with random drug screening
    throughout the program.

You'll find necessary forms by clicking the links in the menu above. Please do not hesitate to contact
us if you have any questions.

Transfer Students

DIHS Transferring Students Policy

Delaware Institute of Health Sciences welcomes qualified transfer students who meet current admission criteria. Admission is dependent on space available in the matriculating class and the completeness and date of the application process. Students requesting admission and advanced standing should complete the application process, provide an official transcript from a Board Approved school of nursing with two letters of recommendation from the previous director and an Instructor, updated health history form with current immunizations and TB testing.  Any student with credit transfer issues should see the Clinical Director and/or the Administration prior to seeking enrollment for class.

You will receive appropriate credit(s) upon verification of your past academic record. Official transcript mailed directly from your previous school is needed to issue credit, if any. DIHS will not accept unofficial or hand delivered transcript from any student. Make provision to arrange with your former school to mail your transcript directly to us at DIHS Deans Office at 412, Capitol Trail Newark, DE 19711.

All transcripts are subject to verification with the previous schools including thorough scrutiny and evaluation while matching your old school grades with our grading standards. Any course grade(s) that is not equivalent or higher than our grade will have to be repeated. If transfer courses were taken from Accredited Universities and Colleges the student may be allowed to challenge the ERI, HESI or any Specialty (Comprehensive Achievement Profile) CAP Examination for that course and must obtain a passing grade accepted by the administering body.

The Admission Committee will review all applications and notify candidates who are accepted for admission by mail with orientation and registration information. Student who desires to be admitted will respond within ten (10) days and pay registration and term fees.

No Transferring students may be accepted to the 4th Block in the nursing program regardless of the transferring credits.


Education with emphasis on learning, community, responsibility, integrity, value, and quality nursing practice.
   General Requirements
· Enrollment Application.
· Registration fee.
· Pre-entrance examination.
· Must be fingerprinted within
  the last 5 years without
  record of felony.
· 2 Passport size photograph.
· One page essay related to
  your choice of career.
· High School Diploma / GED.
· Photo Identification.
· Liability insurance. (Provided by DIHS)
· Current CPR (Healthcare Provider & AED).
· Two letters of reference.
   Health Requirements
· History &physical (within 3
· Tuberculosis testing: PPD
  or chest x-ray.
· MMR immunization.
· Tetanus B diptheria (Td)
· Varicella immunization or
  positive titer.
· Hepatitis B immunization or
  positive antibodies.
· VDRL or RPR.
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