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Accreditation:  Delaware Institute of Health Sciences is approved by the Delaware Department of Education & the Delaware Board of Nursing.
Policies & Procedures:

Clinical Experience Guidelines
Delaware Institute of Health Sciences enters into an Affiliation Agreement with each hospital/health agency to clarify the legal responsibilities of each party.

This agreement serves these general purposes:

1.     Must ensure that learning experiences are consistent with established educational concepts.  
2. The Agency must ensure that the assignment of students will in no way interfere with the welfare of the patients.  
3.     The students agree to abide by the policies of both institutions and are assured of the opportunity to complete the program before the agreement is terminated.
4. Students may be required to complete certain agency protocols and documentation during or as a result of their clinical experience. Students are not considered employees of the agency, but will comply with protocols as outlined during clinical orientation.
5. Students must keep confidential all privileged information regarding clients, family, staff and physicians, and the clinical affiliate. Student will comply with HIPPA regulations as outlined by clinical agencies. Breaches in confidentiality may result in dismissal and civil litigation by a client or family against a student.
NOTE:  Evening clinical rotations may be utilized in the course of study. Students will be given advance notice by faculty and are expected to be on duty promptly in the clinical areas.

Dependable travel arrangements are the student's responsibility. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires proof of auto insurance and a Delaware license tag within 90 days of residence. Enrolled students must comply with state law. Cars parked at some clinical facilities, including the VAMC or military bases, are subject to search.

Code of Honor and Discipline

As students of Delaware Institute of Health Sciences, all enrollees must abide by the Honor Agreement, thus upholding personal integrity and responsibility. It is believed that all students, faculty and administrators associated with Delaware Institute of Health Sciences are mature individuals requiring minimum guidance in standards of personal behavior. It is assumed that all students enrolled at Delaware Institute of Health Sciences are cognizant of cultivating character. Under the Honor Agreement each student is accepted as a person of integrity. This assumption is the foundation of trust among students, faculty and administrators to respect each other's rights and to uphold the ordinances that maintain the principles of Delaware Institute of Health Sciences Inc.

Student Conduct

Students must adhere to the highest standards of conduct, which will reflect credit upon themselves and the school.
Students must conduct themselves in a manner, which will not in any way interfere with the learning process of other students, the instructor's classroom presentation, or the progress of the class in general.
The administration of the school reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a student on any of the following grounds:
  • Non-conformity with rules and regulations of the institution.
  • Unsatisfactory academic progress
  • Excessive absenteeism.
  • Failure to pay tuition when due.
  • Cheating
  • Falsifying school records.
  • Entering the school under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or narcotics of any kind.
  • Carrying a concealed or potentially dangerous weapon including a pocket knife.
  • Demonstrating poor judgment or the inability to function properly, which could put student safety in jeopardy.
  • Verbal or physical abuse of student to faculty or student to student.
Classroom Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a non-disruptive manner while in class. The instructors are here to assist students with their educational goals. Good classroom manners and class participation are essential for an effective learning atmosphere. Students are expected to prepare for class by reading the material to be covered and completing assignments on time and according to instructions.

Student Discipline Procedure (See also "Course Integrity...")

Any infraction of Delaware Institute of Health Sciences Inc. rules, regulations or code of conduct by any student should be brought to the attention of the Program Coordinator/Advisor immediately. The person reporting the incident should submit a written report to the Program Coordinator/Advisor as soon as possible after the incident, but not later the twenty-four (24 hours after the incident. At this point the only decision to be made by the Program Coordinator/Advisor is to determine whether the case calls for counseling or disciplinary action. If the decision is for counseling, the Program Coordinator/Advisor will take the appropriate counseling steps. If the decision is for disciplinary action, the steps outlined below will be followed.
The Program Coordinator/Advisor prepares a written report based on the reported allegations and presents it to the Administrator who then decides to continue the disciplinary process or recommend counseling. The Program Coordinator/Advisor will make no other decisions or recommendations at this time.
If the disciplinary process is to continue, the Administrator will schedule a meeting of the disciplinary committee. The Program Coordinator/Advisor will schedule this meeting within forty-eight (48) hours of the receipt of the initial report.
The disciplinary committee will be comprised of five persons, with three forming a quorum as long as at least one of three is a student and two are school officials. The Committee will be constituted as follows:
  • The Program Coordinator/Advisor
  • One teacher to be selected by the Administrator
  • Two students preferably from a senior class, but in any case, a different class
  • Clinical Director/Instructor
The Disciplinary Committee, after hearing the reports of the allegations/charges and the student's defense or admission, will reach a decision on the action to be taken and the Program Coordinator/Advisor will inform the student in writing of the action within twenty-four (24) hours after the meeting. The report to the student will indicate that he/she has the right to appeal an adverse decision to the Appeal Board and the process would be outlined.
An instructor or staff member via the Administrator will file each disciplinary case with the committee. A suitable course of action will be determined notwithstanding immediate dismissal. A student wishing to appeal a disciplinary action taken by the administration of the school must present written notification to the Program Coordinator/Advisor within two (2) days of receipt. The appeal will be heard within two (2) days of receipt by the Appeal Board and will consist of the Clinical Director (if the Clinical Director is directly involved, a teacher will be substituted), one teacher and one student. The Administration, a representative of the Disciplinary Committee and the student may attend but will have no vote. The student will receive written notification of the action of the Appeal Board within two (2) days. Such written notification will indicate to the student that there is one final source of school appeal available to him/her, and that is to the Corporate Office of Delaware Institute of Health Sciences Inc. A student wishing to appeal to the Corporate Office may do so in writing to the Executive Vice President within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the decision of the Delaware Institute of Health Sciences Inc. appeal Board.

The Appeal should be given to the corporate office manager who will forward it to the Executive Vice President. The Executive Vice President and/or the President will review all the material on the case to date and reach a decision, which shall be final. The Executive Vice President and/or President may wish to meet with Director of Education, the Disciplinary Committee or the student(s) prior to making a decision. The Executive Vice President and/or the President should inform the student and the Director of Education of the decision within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the Appeal. This communication should be in writing and indicate that it is a final decision. The Executive Vice President and/or president reserves the right to send the case back to the Disciplinary Committee with certain recommendations.

The code of conduct in this catalog specifies the action, which could result in immediate suspension or dismissal. In all other cases the student will remain in class until a final decision is made. However, the student will not be permitted to attend clinical practicum during the disciplinary and appeal processes. The student will be given an alternate assignment so that there will be no lost clinical time if the student is fully reinstated.
Education with emphasis on learning, community, responsibility, integrity, value, and quality nursing practice.
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