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Transcript Requests
A permanent record of your grades is on file at the Delaware Institute of Health Sciences office. Transcripts are available from the Office of Student Services. The transcript fee is payable to the Business Office. Under the privacy laws, ONLY YOU can request a copy of this record. Student's grades are recorded per policy. Throughout the program of study, each student has the right to review the recorded grades and clinical evaluation forms with the PN faculty.
Policies & Procedures:

Grading System & Policy

Students must have a passing grade of 80% in each course and abide by the honor code to remain and progress in the Practical Nursing program.

If a student has less than 80% in any PN course, he/she is dropped from the class at the end of the semester and cannot progress to the next level until a grade of 80% is documented for all previous PN courses.

Dropped students may apply for re-admission by contacting the counselor and completing the appropriate paperwork. The number of re-admissions is specified in the current Readmission Policy stated in this handbook. Such returning students are admitted on an individual basis pending space available in the class and clinical sites.

Students will be advised of their progress throughout the program on a periodic basis. Students having difficulty in a course are encouraged to seek help in the Learning Resources Center and from instructors, tutors and Special Populations staff. Good study habits, priority setting, and time management are essential to complete this program and reach your goal.

There will be no rounding up of grades.

A = 93-100
B = 86-92
C = 80-85
D = 74-79
F = <74.99
Students must maintain 80% (a "C" grade) to progress through the blocks of study in the PN Program.
If a student has less than 80% in one or more PN courses, the student cannot progress into the next block. This current policy does not prohibit students from finishing other courses for which they have registered and paid for that semester. However, those students, who elect to continue to the end of the semester and have a less than 80% in one or more PNV courses, will not be permitted to continue rotations in the clinical area during this semester. Said student should understand that they cannot progress to the next semester until 80% is documented for all previous PN courses.

Classroom Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a non-disruptive manner while in class. The instructors are here to assist students with their educational goals. Good classroom manners and class participation are essential for an effective learning atmosphere. Students are expected to prepare for class by reading the material to be covered and completing assignments on time and according to instructions. CELL PHONES AND PAGERS MUST BE TURNED OFF DURING LECTURES.

Education with emphasis on learning, community, responsibility, integrity, value, and quality nursing practice.
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