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Achievement & Recognition
  During the Practical Nursing Pinning Ceremony, students with academic honors and special distinctions are honored. The names of class officers, high average
scholars, special honors and students earning special distinctions are usually announced. Families and friends are invited to this important ceremony to honor the graduate practical nurse.
All graduating students are expected to participate in this pinning ceremony with their classmates.

(See "Achievement Tests" below).

Policies & Procedures:

Attendance & Absence Policy
The Practical Nursing program is based on curriculum guidelines approved by the Board of Nursing and each course has a mandatory, specified number of hours assigned to each course. The program of learning is based on principles of adult learning. You will be responsible for assignments, testing and projects even when absent.

Your application to take the State Board Examination for Licensure (NCLEX-PN) must show the completion of the mandatory classroom and clinical hours.

Therefore, the following policies regarding absences are in effect and will be adhered to by all students enrolled in the Practical Nursing program:

  A. Any student who exceeds allowable absences during the enrollment period will be subject to dismissal from the program, with regard to due process rights.
  B. Each student is allowed only eight (8) absence days during the entire 12-month period of the program. Seven (7) clock hours of accumulated class, clinical, and/or lab absence is equivalent to one day of absence.
  C. Know that students are dropped from the program for excessive absences. The number of
allowed absences per block of calendar year is as follows:
  Block One two (2) days
  Block Two two (2) days
  Block Three two (2) days
  Block Four two (2) days
  TOTAL eight (8) days
  D. If any student is absent for more than three (3) consecutive days without notifying the instructor, the student is subject to being dropped from the Practical Nursing program. Each student has the responsibility for notifying class/clinical instructor as directed in cases of absence. In the event of a serious illness or pregnancy and delivery, you will be asked to bring a letter from your physician explaining the problem and releasing you to return to school. Instructors will provide telephone numbers for you to call them at school and at home during reasonable hours.
  E. A student who is dropped from the Practical Nursing program after exceeding the allowable absences for the semester may petition in writing for reinstatement to the instructor. Petition will circulate through the appropriate campus chain of command, which may include School Administrator, The President & Program Director. Appropriate documentation, including the reason(s) for the absences, must be listed with the written petition for reinstatement. Any grievance filed by a student should follow the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook if they which to appeal a PN departmental decision or disagree with the outcome. Students should continue to attend classroom and/or clinical as required by the instructor during the appeal & reinstatement process. You'll find necessary forms by clicking the links in the menu above. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
        Consideration for reinstatement will be valid for:
  1. A physician-documented illness of self or immediate family member
  2. A documented extreme emergency, as determined appropriate by both the instructor and the
    campus dean.
  3. Authorized military service
  F. Authorized "Official Absences" are excused and not counted against the student.
  Examples of "Official Absences' include:
  • An absence while attending an official school function.
  • An absence when attending an official group function such as a HOSA convention, field
    trip, or academic competition event.
  • An absence because the college is officially closed.
  • An absence because the campus site is officially closed due to a natural disaster, snow storm, flood, or hurricane.
  In case of severe weather conditions, listen to the local news media and/or the homepage of this web site and follow directions.

Each student is expected to be on time for class, clinical or lab experiences. Faculty will monitor the arrival time of students and document lateness. Students must meet the mandatory contact hours for each course. Hours missed because of tardy behavior will be accumulated and deducted from allowable absences. Seven (7) clock hours of accumulated class, clinical, and/or lab absence is equivalent to one day of absence. Know that students may be dropped from the program for excessive tardiness and not meeting minimum course contact hours.

  G. A student who is sleeping, inattentive, fighting, or otherwise disruptive in class, campus lab or at meetings will be instructed to leave the setting until the next break. In addition, absence contact hours will be documented.
  H. Absence from a scheduled clinical day is penalized. Clinical rotations begin at the instructor-designated time. Each student is expected to be in the appropriate uniform, at the designated place, and prepared to be "on duty". If a student is not on time and arrives more than 15 minutes late, said student will be sent home and the clinical hours missed will be deducted from the allowable absences for that semester.

Achievement (Specialty) Tests

HESI, ERI, ATI and/or National League for Nursing (NLN) Examinations will be administered in the course of study and in the last semester. Students may be counseled about substandard (below a predetermined acceptable percentile) on either HESI, ERI, ATI or NLN scores as test performance is an important part of becoming a successful graduate and passing the NCLEX-PN computer examination. NLN Test results are kept on file in the nursing department, are an indicator of educational outcomes, and are part of course requirements.

Charges for these tests are payable to the Business Office upon admission and are non-refundable. Students must have a receipt of payment to take these exams. The purpose for Specialty Exams is to provide an opportunity for the student to take standardized tests, similar to NCLEX-PN, and to evaluate student learning.

Education with emphasis on learning, community, responsibility, integrity, value, and quality nursing practice.
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