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  All unusual incidents must be reported on an "Incident Report Form" and submitted to the Program Coordinator/Advisor within 24 hours of incident.
Policies & Procedures:

Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

In compliance with the Student Right To Know and Campus Security Act of 1990, as amended 1993. Public Law 101-542, Delaware Institute of Health Sciences makes available to each prospective student upon request statistical data for its graduates and the occurrence of criminal offenses. For further information, students may contact the Dean of Student Services and refer to statistics in student handbooks.

Student Appeal / Grievance Policy & Procedures

The following procedures have been developed to provide Delaware Institute of Health Sciences students with a formal method by which students can appeal and reviewed disciplinary action taken by faculty, staff and the school administration. At all stages of the appeal procedure, a student will have the right to have a peer of his/her choice assist in the processing of the appeal or speak on his or her behalf with respect to the appeal if he/she desires.


NOTE: The time periods stipulated in the following policy do not include Saturday, Sunday or Holidays. Any student may utilize the appeal procedure. Before utilizing the appeal procedure, the student must meet with the other party involved (faculty, staff and the school administration) within one (1) school day of the questioned academic and disciplinary action taken against him/her to attempt to resolve said action. If the action is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, then the student may proceed with the appeal procedure. The School Counselor and the Clinical Director, for academic action, carefully reviews the appeal and gives students a written response to the appeal within one (1) school day or 24 hours following the discussion.

Steps To The Appeal Procedure:
 1. STEP ONE: If the appeal is not resolved during the session with the school counselor, or if an answer is not given within the 24 hours time period specified, the student may secure a Request for an Appeal Form from the Administrative Assistant. The form must be completed within one (1) school day/24 hours from the date the answer was given or was supposed to have been given by the counselor and must be submitted to the Administrator of Majestique School of Nursing. The Administrator will now ensure that the grievance is processed to the next step.
 2. STEP TWO: If the grievance is not resolved by Delaware Institute Of Health Sciences Administrator, the grievance will be reviewed by an Appeal Committee headed by the Program Coordinator/Counselor. The Appeal Committee is a five-member group selected from the teaching and administrative staff and students of Delaware Institute of Health Sciences Inc. The Appeal Committee is made up of:
  • Program Coordinator/Counselor
  • The Delaware Institute of Health Sciences Administrator selects two of the members.
  • One Student Class President
  • The student appealing to the Committee selects the fifth member.
  The Appeal committee must meet within three (3) school days to hear the grievance. The Committee will give full consideration to the facts presented, conduct any further investigation needed and to render a written recommendation to the Majestique School of Nursing Administrator within one (1) school day (24) hours after conclusion of the hearing.
 3. STEP THREE: The Delaware Institute of Health Sciences Administrator will review recommendation of the Appeal Committee, give full consideration to all relevant facts and circumstances, and will attempt to give final decision in writing to the students within one (1) school day (24) hours after receipt of the Committee's recommendation. If the student is still not satisfied with the decision rendered, the Corporate President will recommend the next step.
 4. STEP FOUR: If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the school appeals, the student may file a written complaint against the school with Delaware Department of Education. Complaint forms can be obtained by calling the Department of Education or by writing to:
DOVER, DE 19901-3639
(302) 739-4686


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